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  • We provide training with high academic qualifications for business life. We are raising individuals who are open to continuous improvement, harmonious within the team, and at the same time self-confident and independent. With the co-op programs, we turn the theoretical knowledge we learn in the course into practice by working in contracted institutions. Department of Political Science and International Relations;

Competing at the international level with an understanding that is open to development that does not break with its own values,

  • Conducts international education, research and publications that transform local knowledge into knowledge of universal value,

Having an understanding that does not break with the past, turns its face to the future, keeps up with the contemporary world, and values ​​universal values,

Raising individuals who prepare and present information in a way that will transform it into benefit and added value and produce rational information,

  • A faculty that preserves its historical past, solves the current and designs the future. Thinking on a world scale in the field of social sciences and producing solutions to the problems of humanity,
  • Raising graduates who are solution-centered, able to make independent decisions, work in harmony within a team, and act in universal environments with local values,

Contributing to science on a global scale and adapting the produced science to the scale of our country and region,

Contributing to the solution of social problems with projects produced with internal and external stakeholders,

It is a department that raises free individuals who are committed to their values, have social awareness, have self-confidence and can stand on their own feet.