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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Hasan Kalyoncu University, Political Science and International Relations (SBUI) Department, which was established to meet the needs of our country’s public and private sectors, especially foreign affairs, as well as international organizations and business markets, for contemporary, innovative and creative professional political scientists and international relations specialists. It has the vision of being one of the leading departments of international and national universities with its scientific studies and services to the society. Our department continues its activities with a strong academic staff coming from different sources, with important international and national studies, in a student-centered education approach that is 100% English, with a focus on producing graduates with high entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

In addition, we have two master’s programs, one in Turkish and one in English, and a doctorate program, 30% in English, in order to enable our graduates to specialize. Our graduate programs also support the postgraduate career opportunities of our undergraduate students. As these programs are in high demand from international students, they also create a multicultural learning environment.

Our students are supported to look at events from a multidimensional perspective through activities such as activities encouraging interdisciplinary studies and joint elective courses, group studies and projects carried out to nurture our students’ creativity abilities and team acting skills, conferences given by the doyens of politics, diplomacy and business world, and career day meetings. Hasan Kalyoncu University SBUI Department; It trains team players and leaders who can transform their theoretical knowledge in political science and international relations into practice, have advanced decision-making skills under stress and variable conditions, are preferred both in international and national organizations and have the potential to develop their own business by establishing their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Within the scope of field education, our students; In addition to basic literature such as History of Diplomacy, Theory of International Relations, Law, History of Political Thought or Political Theory, which are required courses of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Departmental Electives, Supplementary Electives, Language Electives and Unlimited Electives are available throughout the University. Accordingly, our students have the opportunity to develop themselves according to their goals and orientations by taking courses from these 4 separate elective groups in addition to the compulsory courses. In this way, our goal is to prepare our students for the ever-changing conditions of today with the requirements of public and private sector conditions, the feedback we receive from our stakeholders in the public sector and the business world, and the constantly renewed curriculum and contents, is to prepare them as team players who are sought after, trusted, and easily adaptable to harsh competition conditions.

In the 8th semester of undergraduate education, the “Applied Education in Industries (CO-OP)” application, where our students can see all their knowledge in practice and experience business life in the country or abroad, is also offered as an option. Our students, who aim to work in the private sector since their graduation in line with their aims, will have experienced being in the sector before their graduation in accordance with the procedure.

In addition, our students who want to pursue an academic career or will prepare for the institutional exams have the opportunity to prepare themselves by choosing the appropriate courses from the elective course pool offered in the 8th semester. The preferential nature of this recent opportunity is one of the advantages of our department.

Our students are assigned mentors from the first year they join our department. Thanks to the interviews with their mentors; are provided to increase their knowledge, skills, competence and experience. Each semester, some of our students are offered the opportunity to study abroad with the Erasmus+ exchange program. In addition, our students who are also interested in other fields have the opportunity to do minor and double major in different departments.

Our strong, dynamic and experienced academic staff; We hope to see you among us in our continuous effort to become one of the leading departments in Turkey and the Middle East with our curriculum that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, cooperation and student exchange programs.

Assoc. Dr. Ahmet KESER

Head of Department