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About Us

Hasan Kalyoncu University, Department of Political Science and International Relations has the vision of becoming one of the leading departments in Turkey and the Middle East with the education it provides, the scientific studies it produces and the services it provides to the society. Our department conducts undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs at high academic standards with the aim of raising graduates with high entrepreneurship and leadership skills with an education approach that puts the student at its center.

Our department creates and maintains an innovative, entrepreneurial, participatory and liberal culture that offers options to support the personal development of students with different interests and skills. In order to meet the needs of students who are planning a career in various fields, the curriculum of the department includes more in-departmental, non-departmental and free elective courses. Again, in accordance with different career plans, a second foreign language option is offered in the curriculum.

In order for students to have a local, national and international perspective, Ankara and Istanbul education programs have been developed in Turkey and “study abroad” programs abroad. In order to enable them to meet business life before graduating and to gain work experience before graduating, students are offered the option of doing internship and KO-OP in their last semester.

Our department offers a free working environment that supports the academic development of faculty members and assistants and where flexible working hours are essential. Collaborating with local, national and international business representatives, it offers a university environment that supports students to learn about working life and faculty members to share their knowledge and experience.


Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes:

Hasan Kalyoncu University, Department of Political Science and International Relations students who are about to graduate;

He has command of the main texts in the literature of Political Science and International Relations. Knows the basic concepts and theories of the field and the relations between them.

With the theoretical, factual and research methods knowledge gained, they can evaluate and interpret qualitative data, not identify problems, perform data analysis and evaluate the results to produce solutions.

Can effectively understand and interpret news and comments on Political Science and International Relations; They can participate in discussions.

They can associate the knowledge of Political Science and International Relations with the knowledge from other fields such as Law, Economics, Business Administration, Communication, interpret by integrating, create new knowledge and show an understanding of interdisciplinary interaction.

Knows where and what information to find in his/her field, can conduct independent research and study, and can prepare a comprehensive research and/or project report on the researched subject.

He/she can fulfill his/her responsibilities as the coordinator or team member of the project or team work.

In national and international academic and professional environments, he can express, present and share his knowledge, results of his studies, ideas and comments to people in his field or other disciplines and units, using the necessary data and clearly and clearly in Turkish and English.

Can show that he understands the importance of respecting the differences between cultures and individuals, can communicate by showing the necessary empathy in social or professional environments created by individuals from different cultures.

Knows the individual, social and ecological dimensions of the concept of social responsibility, and can show that he understands the duty of active citizenship within this framework.

Acts in accordance with social, cultural, scientific and ethical values.